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The goals & ideals that drive this blog

I’ve started and torn down my fair share of blogs over the years, and through all of it I’ve learned that it’s really important to know what the goal of every new project is. With that in mind I took a long hard look at what I wanted to achieve with this publication when I set out to pick up the pen again.

As a convert and layman, I found it extremely difficult to find good blogs that espoused the Catholic faith in a way that is informative without being watered down, or extreme is some church-political aspect, and I think it’s time we have more websites that fit that description.

Along those lines, this blog aims to help us all explore the beauty and depth of Catholic faith in a way that helps us continually evangelise the world around us and lead us deeper into a daily devotional life.

The three goalposts for achieving this can be layed out as follows:


As much as I love academic and word-stuffed books to really chew on, it’s not super helpful for evangelistic purposes to get too deep into jargon-filled theological discussions if no one knows what you’re even on about.

The primary goal for this blog is to be an easy-access introduction to different ideas you might encounter that the Catholic faith has things to say on.


That said, I don’t want to dumb-down any of the great teaching different voices in the Church have given us. Nor do I want to talk down to you as if you’re not “high brow” enough to get into all the theology we might discuss in different posts.

You’ll notice most of the posts that are published here will include a “Footnotes” section at the very end. This will mostly be used for reference points, telling you where to find this or that quote, or where to look more deeply into one idea or another.

This way, if something catches your eye and you want to know a bit more, this blog can act as a diving board to help you find some point to enter into study on the Catholic take on it


One thing you might notice that’s missing from posts is a comments section. This isn’t because I dislike comments, but simply because from past experience they never really get used that often.

That said, I love feedback and I’ll try to include a link to email me at the bottom of each post.

Another layer to this is that I want you to be able to talk about what you read here with those around you. It’s always helpful to have somewhere to point back to as a reference, especially if something published here turns out to miss the mark a bit!

So, that’s a little bit about the concept behind this new writing-venture of mine. Hopefully you find some posts to be useful in your journey with God.

Pax et Bonum!

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